Roofline ProductsWhat is a Soffit?

A soffit is a hard-wearing board attached to the underside of the roofline assembly, which keeps the underside of the rafters secure and dry.

What is a Fascia?

A fascia board creates a support for the bottom edge of the rooftiles, and keeps out birds and vermin. Looking to replace your old soffits and fascias with new UPVC soffits and fascias DL Roofing Services can help.

Timber fascias and soffits need constant attention will eventually rot away and fail, and your home will diminish in protection and appearance. Novus Roofing Aberdeen can save you money year after year, with our UPVC products there is no more time wasted painting and running up ladders.

Fascias and soffitsThe quality UPVC fascia boards we supply are as strong as they are attractive; they cleverly interlock with the ventilated soffits underneath, to create a strong and maintenance free result. All supplied fascias and soffits are BBA approved with a life expectancy of over 20 years and fitted to current building regulations.


Advantages of UPVC products are:

  • A product that does not rot or flake.
  • Saves money on painting and improve the appearance of your home
  • Adds value to your home
  • Offers better thermal insulation than brick, concrete or timber
  • Unique colour-match
  • Colour-matching of fixing pins and corner trims


fascias soffits coloursAll our products are available in a number of colours including white, black, wood grain, rosewood, brown, light oak and cream. Other colours are available on request.

Our white P.V.C.u fascias, soffits, barge boards and cladding come with a 15 year insurance backed guarantee on both workmanship and materials. All our coloured products, wood grain, rosewood etc come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on both workmanship and materials

Technical Specifiations include:

  • 18mm-thick board, designed for direct fix to rafters – eliminating the need for a timber substrate.
  • Available in eight widths from 150mm to 450mm
  • Available in five-metre lengths
  • Available in standard or ogee sculpted styles
  • Fire rating to BS476 Part 7: 1997 Class 1
  • Soffit board has built-in ventilation slots to ensure your loft is well ventilated at all times, preventing damp and protecting rafters from rot
  • Our 9mm utility soffit board provides a simple, clean look and can be enhanced with vents to maintain airflow through your loft space
  • Hollow soffit board is a lightweight, cost-effective soffit solution, which can also be fitted with our highly effective ventilators


Are Your Gutters Clear For Winter?

Gutters that haven’t been cleaned tend to be full of debris. This debris causes water to back up and flow over the edge of the gutter causing foundation damage, siding damage, etc. Standing water also causes sagging and rotting of your gutters which means a good bit of money out of your pocket to fix. The small investment to clean your gutters twice a year will save you hundreds or thousands over the long term. Aberdeen Roofing and Cladding makes the Gutter cleaning process simple.


Looking to replace your old soffits and fascias with new UPVC soffits and fascias email Novus Roofing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  If you have any UPVC Fascia and Soffit requirements or simply need your gutteres cleared after winter.